5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Charlene has helped me in so many ways, answered questions I never knew I had, and helped me find peace within myself.

    I am greatful for all the assistance she has presented me, and I only hope more people will be healed as I was.

  2. I went to Charlene for help with my leg pain and improve mentally and she went above and beyond. There were things that I was suppressing for a long time that I just forgot about and she helped me through it. It was an amazing journey and I’m so glad that I did it. Thank you so much Charlene for everything.

  3. I went to Charlene for depression and anxiety, I was about to get put on more tablets for my mental illnesses but I rather wanted to get myself out then use medicine. Now my anxiety no longer impacts my life as what it did and is controlled. Iv become better not only physically but mentally.
    Charlene was very calm when working with me and reassured me a lot, the experience changed my life and I will always be thankful.

  4. Charlene is a game champion. She works on me too and their was a transparent development in my life 💓. I love how she does her work so gentle love and care thank you charlene . Keep moving the nation

  5. I went to Charlene for constant hip pain I had. The doctor send me for x-rays and blood tests but everything checked out. So the doctor just told me to lose weight.

    The pain became unbearable and then I was introduced to Charlene.

    My journey started when I met her, the journey of well-being. I never even fathomed the amazing impact this journey would in my life and my family’s life.

    I went with the hope that I can lessen my hip pain, and I received more than that. My hip pain is gone and I am healed from depression. And I have better relations with others around me.

    If there is one word to describe my experience with Charlene, it would be Phenomenal.

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