Prepare Enrich Facilitator

Entering into a lifelong agreement to be someone’s partner can be a daunting experience however if both partners understand what they are getting into the transition can be smooth and beautiful.

Prepare-enrich is a process by which couples work towards a deeper understanding of each other. It is offered to people who are dating, those wishing to get married and couples who are already married.

The process encompasses a series of assessments which are completed online. Each person’s growth areas and strengths are identified and worked with.  

The goal of the program is to help couples develop more balanced relationships, understand and appreciate differing personalities, enhance communication skills and establish relationship and family goals which even includes financial planning and budgeting.

Major stressors can be identified and resolved prior to any major issues showing up in the relationship. When you understand your partners stress profile and how they deal with stress it helps to avoid major conflict in the future.

Prepare-enrich is a veritable guidebook to your partnership. A drivers manual that will help you get top marks in your relationship scores now and in the future.

This beautiful commitment to each other is the biggest gift partners can give each other.