Quantum Magnetic Resonance Body Scanning

The body is made up of frequencies. Each area, organ, tissue and part of the body has a frequency.

The QMRA detects the electromagnetic resonance of cells within the body system. Simply by holding a sensor in your hand, the Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyser rapidly reads the electromagnetic resonance of cells within the various body systems and produces a report which contains a set of data for each body system. This data is analysed and compared with the standard quantum resonant spectrum.

The results show if the body is within the range considered as normal and if out of range breaks it down further into subhealth trends. With this way of testing, we are quickly able to address deficiencies in the body as well as what body systems are under stress. Corrective action is then recommended, and a retest is suggested a month or two later to check on improvements.

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Scanner Fees

R450 per session