Charlene de Nysschen 

Founder and Creator of Biorhythm

Hello beautiful person!

I am Charlene de Nysschen and the unique healing space I have created and founded is Biorhythm.

After completing my Honours in Psychology, I was introduced to the ASCHP (Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners) and the Wellness approach to Counselling. I immediately fell in love with the concept of early intervention and the focus on integrating wellness with individuals.

Looking back on my own journey I can see choices I made intending to be a quick fix towards problems I encountered. What I discovered was that solutions that provided instant gratification only added more complications to my life.

When we experience a painful journey, it is so tempting and natural to want to apply the quickest solution to stop painful emotions. I have found within myself and the clients I have seen, that this is not sustainable long term and often adds a new set of problems to our lives.

My passion is to help shift humans to better feeling places using a variety of healing modalities appropriate for their unique journey. I offer a safe space where clients can air their thoughts and feelings whilst facilitating the journey to wellness by through acknowledging all  facets of the Wellness Dimension (Environmental, Physical, Social, Financial, Spiritual, Emotional and Intellectual Welling).

As a Holistic Practitioner I have attained a veritable tool box containing a number of skills that enable me to assist clients from a holistic wellness perspective rather than a single facet approach. I am the eternal student and look forward to continually increasing my skill set while making a difference.

I believe that shifts made in one human creates ripples to their families and friends and with my focus on each client, I know that I am impacting more than just one being. I am so grateful to be in this line of work where I can serve my passion and my purpose.

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