I acknowledge that, before consulting with Charlenè de Nysschen that it is clear to me that she works in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct of the Professional Kinesiology Association of Specialised Kinesiologists, South Africa
(PKPASA), as displayed in the practice rooms.

Furthermore, I acknowledge that she

  • Does not diagnose or treat any named diseases,
  • Does not have the authority to take me off any prescribed medication
  •  May suggest courses of action which, if implemented, I will follow entirely of my own volition and as consequence of my own unforced decision.
  • May suggest that a specific type of nutrition or essence may be advantageous for me to take – however the decision on whether to follow her advise is entirely my own.

I have been advised and accept and agree that neither the Professional Kinesiology Association of Specialised Kinesiologists South Africa or its individual members or, Charlenè de Nysschen, will be responsible or legally liable for any risk of illness, injury or aggravation of any condition including diagnosed or undiagnosed medical conditions, whatsoever that may arise out of advice given or treatment administered to me, nor arising out of my failure to consult with and obtain approval from a medical doctor prior to commencing treatment with Charlenè de Nysschen. I hereby consent to such treatment and indemnify the Association, its members and Charlenè de Nysschen against any and all claims by myself my successors and my assigns in this regard.