Wellness Counselling

At times you reach a stumbling block that just cannot be resolved. Using this method of counselling uses the entire being as part of the process. We look at all aspects of the being and see where there are challenges.

Together we work on a workable wellness action plan, which is tailor made just for you, according to who you are as a complete being to get you on the path of forward momentum.

We see the individual as a whole being. When one area is out of balance, the entire being can feel out of balance.  The aim in wellness counselling is to ensure that there is balance in all dimensions of the individual while understanding that the level of focus on each area of a being is unique to that being.  An athlete for instance would have different needs and areas of focus than a school teacher for instance.

I offer a safe space where you are heard and nurtured to work through vulnerable issues.

Wellness Counselling Rates

R500 per session