Specialised Kinesiology

Specialised Kinesiology is a healing modality that enables the kinesiologist to find disturbances and challenges to the body through gentle muscle testing.

The practitioner goes about correcting imbalances through a variety of possible corrections such as acupressure point manipulation, holding points, meridian adjustments, tapping or the use of external influences such as nutrition, crystals or essences.

Shifts and changes are noted as the protocol is worked through and the client is able to see and feel the changes as the session progresses.

Specialised kinesiology is based on the belief that the body stores all information, like a computer. A lot of this information is subconscious. This information can be accessed if the right question is asked and, simultaneously, the appropriate muscle test is done. Even though we often react to things without really having any idea why we feel the way we do, the body always knows what is wrong and usually how to correct it. We only need to listen.

Kinesiologists work on the premise that when the body is offered a food, supplement, chemical, person or thought, amongst other things, that one of two things can happen. Either the body will support the healthy vibration of the cells, allowing the muscle being tested to keep its integrity or it disrupts the energy pattern causing a muscle change.

Kinesiology focuses on the body as a whole, rather than a list of symptoms. It works to integrate the physical, mental, and emotional bodies into a unified whole.

The end goal of each session is to increase the body’s ability to heal itself by ensuring that any disturbances in the body’s energy has been identified and adjusted to allow for full life force flow.